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17 November 2024 @ 12:51 pm

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25 January 2010 @ 10:28 pm
Didn't get fired. WHEW. (actually no one really seemed to know what went wrong...)

They are surely getting their moneys worth out of me, though... well for the 20 hours a week I am there. They have me sort of piloting a new counseling project we have started for tenants in foreclosures. Exciting!

I can't wait to get a paycheck! Come to think of it... I haven't given them any of my info like... SSN and such. I don't even think they have my home address... uhh

Which also reminds me about tax time.. I still need a W2 from the Sub I worked at in Champaign. Huh. Perhaps I will give them a ring and see if they have my address still. I probably made more this year than I ever have... it's gonna be weird. I probably won't get a big return though because I claimed 1. And I don't think Subway now is deducting for federal...

What the eff, USA. Taxes are confusing.

Weekend was good. Rocky Horror was amusing as usual, with the extra addition of boys kissing, yay! We're having a Heath Ledger marathon this coming weekend, mostly as an excuse to watch 10 Things and Brokeback which they have never seen. I <3 him so.

Another busy day tomorrow I suppose. Yay life!
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01 January 2010 @ 02:56 pm
You guys,

I got the job.

Holy shit! Take that, 2009, you dirty scumbag whore! :D

In addition, I got cold-called from another legit law firm asking if I wanted to interview. What the WHAT!?

My confidence is soaring right now. I'm gonna go kung-fu the whole world. Suck my balls, life! I WON!
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24 December 2009 @ 01:27 pm
Here is every celebrity and "celebrity" playlist on the iTunes store:

1. Something by Springsteen (likely "Thunder Road")
2. "In an Aeroplane Over the Sea" Neutral Milk Hotel
3. Jeff Buckley's version of "Hallelujah"
4. Something by Coltrane, Miles Davis, Ella Fitzgerald or Billie Holiday
5. Something by Led Zeppelin
6. Either "Sex on Fire" or "Use Somebody"
7. An ironic 'gangsta' rap song.
10. Three songs by A) a shitty 'indie band,' B) a singer/songwriter no one has heard of, C) a 'classic rock' artist's B-sides or D) classical or jazz artist to make them seem cultured and intelligent

And nothing that they actually like or listen to or have conjured with any sort of independent thought.

I hate celebrities.

(I'm just jealous they have more money than me)

On that note, why did it take seeing (500) Days of Summer for me to decide that I like The Smiths? Ugh, hate myself.

ETA: Joseph Gordon-Levitt = New Heath Ledger Y/N?
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13 December 2009 @ 12:51 pm
Saw Princess and the Frog--LOVED IT. Man, the song where she turns into a 1920s ad-style illustrationy... deal. That was cool.

I've been busy as hell... as usual. Getting a part time PAID position at LCBH seems like a real possibility at this point. Yay!

Bad news is that the boss at the Sub has told Sue he wants to eliminate the extra person at dinnertime (5-8) which means the closing person (me) has to do ALL the mid shift work AND closing work and take care of all the customers... at least three times the amount of work for the same pay.
Good news is if that happens, I can and will quit! Completely justified. Unless he by some freak chance decides to up my pay a significant amount (doubtful) but then I might actually consider staying. But that also means I need to try much harder to find a real job. I have put my resume out there but I haven't actually applied for anything yet... (cept the posish at LCBH) so I will start doing that... soon. Heh.

Gimme a break! Like I have time for any of that shit these days! Especially with Xmas bullshit in addition. Fuck December. Especially in Chicago where one day it is 9F and the next it's driving rain! Seriously! Fuck. Plus I'm still in school most days and the days I'm not at school I'm at LCBH or Sub and some days I'm at both. GRAG.

Well, NEXT week I am off school so maybe I'll get a chance to A) see my boyfriend for more than 1 hour. B) start seriously pursuing a job or two. C) wrap stupid presents and bake some stupid cookies.

I do wanna make some orange-cranberry cookies for the LCBH Xmas party this Friday that they forced me to ask off work so I could come. Hee. Maybe I'll stop by the Jewels tonight and get some craisins.
And start my laundry.
And do some reading for class tomorrow.

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19 October 2009 @ 09:01 pm
My Snow White costume looks flippin sweet!! I should get some pictures of it....

Snow White

Snow White

Now before you get too impressed... all I did was sew two dresses together and add some bows onto the sleeves. That cape (which you can't see) was from an old costume. I also did a little ruffle removal and re-hemming on the blue one.

Here's the most expensive part of the costume, in a thoroughly and purposely unflattering picture of myself:



What else... I have no class tomorrow! So that rocks.
Today one of the attorneys asked me to do an internet search of the address of a property that's the subject of some litigation and then write an affidavit saying "I did this and here is what I found" basically... This means I can potentially be deposed in the case! Eek! I have never had to give a deposition before.
There's also this really grueling assignment I have been doing research for and haven't really started writing yet.. but I made a breakthrough and found enough cases! Yeah! Next, gotta brief em and start the memo. I shall have plenty of time tomorrow ;D
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13 October 2009 @ 09:13 pm
For Danny's Bday we went to a brewpub restaurant because he wanted a bison burger. It was too early for beer, though. He also made me go to the top of a "mountain" in Palatine. It was cold and windy. THEN, as predicted, he got practically the same shirt for himself that I got for him. Grag! Oh well, at least we had fun. And he looks hannsum in brown plaid <3

Did a lot of sandwiching this weekend. Sucked. It would suck more, though, if I gave a shit.

I went into Chase again this week and instead of using those sweet ATMs again, I decided to go to a real teller because I was depositing over $500. As I was filling out the sheet, some banker came over and took me back to her cubicle and said she would take care of my deposit for me (rape scenario?) I was like, ok. Then she started asking me all these questions and showed me how to pay my bills online even though I already do that.
Then when I got home, I logged on and there were two $25 credit card payments pending! I was like... wtf! I didn't authorize this bitch to make any payments! So I did some calling and they told me how to cancel them. But still! I should go back in there and be all... "I am outraged." Yeah, except I'm not.

Next time... ATMs. People are way dumber than machines.

What else... I did well on one test (actually the instructor made a mistake which made my whole class grade go up 2%!) and not so well on another (a C. Blurg). So it evens out, right? Three out of four A's aint bad.

On the down, I haven't been sleeping as much as I'd like... I know, I know, a lot of people would kill for 7 hours, but I do best on 8-9. I've been eating breakfast and lunch sensibly... I TRIED to get coffee with no sugar but it was so fucking loud in that Dunkin Donuts... next time I'll just go to Caribou and try to get served by that super happy long-haired guy again. I also need to attempt to get back on the Wii... boy is he gonna be cross with me.

Speaking of long-haired... I need a haircut real bad. Starting to feel like a shaggy dog. Also I just remembered I need a shower. So much for 8 hours...
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07 October 2009 @ 08:54 pm
I love the LCBH. I totally can't even explain why because it's a crazy place with crazy clients and everything is all disorganized and frustrating and crazy. I want to go every day! But I also have to do other stuff, so I can't. I'm going to be very sad when I have to find somewhere else to work (for money). But I will be happy to have the money.

Things I have to worry about:
1. Paying for school (it is almost fixed, I just need to show them that there will be money soon)
2. Doing some assignments that are due next week when I am working every night this weekend and have to make time to see Dan for his BDay and possibly start my costume and get a haircut...
3. Getting enough sleep and food to keep me alive.

Here's something dumb I said that made my usually-stoic coworker laugh at me:
Elizabeth: So how was class today?
Me: Good. We got our test scores today. I got a 96.
Elizabeth: Nice. Are you gonna celebrate tonight?
Me: Yeah! Actually, I celebrated at lunch. I got a salad, instead of nothing.

Then later on, Manny came up to me and was like "Hola" and I said "Hello" very Anglo-y and he asked if I spoke any Spanish and I said no. Then he said something like "well, we'll have to find you a nice, Spanish-speaking boy.... unless you have a boyfriend already then we should not do that."
He makes me lol because he is very serious all the time but his English isn't perfect and so everything he says is funny. I have to bite my cheek. That's bad of me, but I can't help it.

Today I also used one of those Chase ATMs where you can just put the money or check in and it eats it up and deposits it for you... IT WAS REALLY COOL!! When you put cash in, you just put it in as a stack and it counts it for you! It also reads the check! It came out on the receipt as $50 but I could not remember typing in any amounts.

This crazy world of ours.
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29 August 2009 @ 01:28 pm
Hey, did you sonsa hoers know that The Picture of Dorian Gray is being made into a movie? I mean a new one, not the Angela Lansbury one.

Yeah, I've been eagerly devouring YouTube clips of it mostly because Ben Barnes is quite yummy...

But Colin Firth as Harry Wotton? Uhhh.. I don't like it. The guy who plays Basil isn't my ideal either. I always felt so bad for Basil..

Here's a scene that never happened in the novel.

There's another one with him and Sybil Vane but it's short, and disappointing because SHE'S supposed to have dark hair and HE'S supposed to have light hair and... ugh.

I like blonds way too much to be accepting of this.

But I will be very excited if it ever comes out in the US!
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04 August 2009 @ 12:18 pm
I love Wii Fit. Except that it made me do jacknifes (nives?) YESTERDAY and my abs are STILL on fire. I am going to wait until it stops hurting before I do those again. Yeek.

Also I effed up ONE stupid stability test and that damn board said my Wii Fit age is 37!! It was 20 yesterday! Arg!

Here's something amazing: it said I lost 0.9 lbs since yesterday too even though I ate chocolates and chips and drank NON-DIET SODA :O! Or maybe I'm just more devoid of stuff in my digestive tract today. Who knows.

I set my goal as losing 5 lbs in 3 mos even though my BMI is 20 and two points LOWER than perfect, but losing 5 lbs will still keep me in the normal range and maybe my pants will stop developing holes in the crotches. ;D Fitness

Or I will gain weight in muscle and that will be ok too, but how will the board know it's muscle and not doughnuts?

In other news, mom is gone til Thursday which means I'm man of the house for the time being. I'll have to concoct some dinner ideas. Ooh! Maybe I'll make some Zatarain's and co'n bread. Maybe Jake will even eat it. Hmmmmm..

I want to do something around the house for mom to come back to... maybe I'll clean her salt & pepper shakers and shelves. Or dust the living room. Or both. I have plenty of time....

Oh yeah, one more thing, I went to the beach with Molly and the girls and it was awesome!! Molly lives like 75 yards from Lake Michigan in Indiana so I went right after work Saturday night and spent all of Sunday there. <3 At first it was cold, but later in the day we went back and played. Her parents even showed up and treated us to dinner! Grouper tenders, mmm.

I need a shower now.
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